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Veronika decides to die : book & film

Hello, my freinds! I as huge fan Paulo Coelho I can't not write about his book. As you've understood it is about "Veronika decides to die". Paulo's books "not all such". He has some zest. Of his books, I take a lot of things for yourself, learning a lot. I don't like read about "meaning of life",
but sometimes Paulo writes with such skill and interesting about this, I'm starting to love his books even more. Book "Veronika decides to die" has given to me a push. I learned enjoy every moment in life, really. Previosly, for me it was not something that would be strange I'm probably just was not able to get into it. But after reading this book I'm really becoming happy when see butterfly or ditch wildflowers to put them in a vase in my apartment. When you begin to notice at these "magic" feeling, the feeling when you saw the bright sun and then kept smiling all day long. You know - that's it, you're happy about life. This taught me the book "Veronika Decides to Die."

The book says about a young 24-year-old girl Veronica from Ljubljana, who are tired of boring and routine life, decides to commit suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. But suicide girl was bad: the doctors were able to save her, and now Veronica is in Villete - Slovenian hospital for the mentally ill. At first, Veronica takes a thought about where you can find the tablet, you do want to bring your plan to the end. Girl looking for a way to commit suicide, and at this time met with the other inhabitants of Villette, which opened her eyes to a slightly different world. New girl friend - Dr. Igor. It was he who opens Veronica terrible truth that as a result of a suicide attempt, the girl's heart was severely damaged, and she left to live for only a week. Learning of this Veronica realizes that her desire to go back to live, she does not want to die, she was happy to see my new friend Marie, she's in love with Edward - another patient, the hospital, suffering from schizophrenia, but she realizes that she has no choice and decides spend the remaining days, as they say, "to its fullest."
 After reading book I was in delighted. In my head there is already all the characters, but I'm incredibly anxious to see the filming. Generally I am not a "lover" adaptations, because they often turn out to be unsuccessful. And after they left a bad aftermath. Of course, I was afraid of this, but still look very much like.

The movie was really good. By the end of the film, I realized - the screen is successful. In book I saw thoughts of the protagonist. And it's incredibly important that to understand the whole story. In the book, I saw her feelings and fears. A film for me is a kind of supplement to the book. Because, no matter how you fantasize in my head the characters, they still want to see "live". And the film showed it to me very well, because my thoughts and characters of the film were almost identical. Very good pick actors who played worthy. And what's more important, or very important. The film is almost lost moments from the book. Maybe something not shown, but it was so little that there was a feeling that you're watching a book.

Have you read this book? Or maybe you watched the movie? Write to me in the comments.

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